A better way
of life for CPAs
and their clients.

As a public accountant, your schedule is jam packed with work, even on your days off. Create a better life—one that allows you to spend quality time with family, no longer feel stressed out 24/7, and achieve more business growth and professional success than you thought possible.

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A new approach
to success.

Want to become irreplaceable in your role as a CPA? Here’s how we do it. We provide you with a vast array of integrated services and a dream team of industry experts, so you will become your clients’ single point of contact. You no longer have to do and know it all. Leverage our services and take on fewer, more affluent clients so you can devote more time to personal relationships. Build trust, show integrity, and grow your business. Provide unmatched value to your clients as the go-to source they’re looking for.

Stop overworking. Build stronger businesses.

When you’re overworked and disconnected from those you serve, the future can look bleak. Spend time focusing on personal relationships with your family and your clients. Make it to school functions. Be truly present at graduations. All while achieving professional success. At Lombardi Family Office, we change the way business is done for you and the families you serve, so you can experience a deeper sense of purpose.

The Lombardi
Family Difference

Feature No. 1

Our Unique Platform

While the traditional business model focuses on “more clients, more income,” we offer a better way. By taking on only a select few A-list clients and higher level work, you will experience more profitability, deeper and longer-lasting client relationships, and time for the things and people in your life that matter most

Feature No. 2

Life on Life Mentoring

We work directly with our CPAs to help them implement our modern family office platform in their existing work. Through one-on-one mentoring, our experts empower, motivate, and inspire you to live the life you’re meant to.

Feature No. 3

Expand your expertise.
Add unparalleled value.

Our dream team of industry experts will ensure you are irreplaceable in your role as a CPA. As the single point of contact, you will be able to provide your clients with a wide array of integrated services that add more value to their business and your relationship.

Feature No. 4

A Risk-Averse Approach
for Risk-Taking Clients

Your clients are risk takers. They need a risk averse expert to partner with and help navigate the drawbacks and rewards. With our “do more with less” business model, we help you guide your affluent business owners and secure their continued success, professionally and personally.

How It Works

Find out if our unique family business model is right for you. We’ll walk you through our services and get to know your unique needs. Learn how to transition to a life of professional success, intentionality, and purpose.

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Step 1

Fill Out a Questionnaire

Get the process started! Share with us who you are and what business challenges you’re facing. We’ll then reach out to schedule a conversation and see if our services are a right fit for you.

Step 2

Talk With Us

We want to know your vision. In our first meeting, we’ll discuss your business and life goals, and your hopes for the future. We’ll then share the tools and expertise we provide to turn your dreams into reality.

Step 3

Become a Lombardi
Family Member

Let’s make this official! When you begin a membership with us, you get access to all of our services including the most forward thinking experts, educational resources, a personal ambassador, seminars, and attendance to our advanced tax planning institute symposium. We ensure you are equipped with everything you need to empower your clients and build trusting, long-lasting relationships.

Step 4

Get Matched with Your
Personal Ambassador

We pair you up with a case manager perfect for your needs. Through one-on-one meetings and mentoring sessions, you’ll learn ways to grow your business and leadership skills, achieve your life goals, and find the fulfillment you’ve been looking for.