The LFO Experience “Where the Business of being a family is
just as important as the Family Business”
The Lombardi Family Office Experience the LFO Difference.
Our strength and unprecedented success stems
from the leverage we bring and the simplicity to adapt our
LFO platform to your already successful business model.
You will have all the necessary answers your
most important clients could face.
Team LFO Expand your brain trust, optimize your workflow, and
shift the burden to this country’s premier TEAM of
leading experts and independent specialists that span
the pertinent areas of the always expanding US Tax
Code, so you can deliver the best solution(s) and a
world-class experience to your most important clients.

Our Mission:

Empowering Success through the art of the relationship to enhance the human experience

Our Vision:

To radically re-define The FAMILY OFFICE. By combining the traditional with the virtual, thereby creating the MODERN FAMILY OFFICE. So more professionals can offer the Family Office Experience, so more families will be able to enjoy the benefits of a Leveraged Family Office Experience. So more of today’s families would have the opportunity to live the life they were created to live! A more intimate, impactful and Significant life!

Our Why:

“To dramatically change the way business gets done in order that the families involved may enjoy the journey of their affluence and the significance of their lives”

Anthony Recaps the Spring 2019 ATPI Conference