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Today’s CPA is searching for leverage. There isn’t enough time in the day to be the person their best clients want them to be. This is where you come in. They need help…your help. They don’t see financial advisors as a resource, just a risk…someone who wants to get at their clients. Empowered changes that.

CPAs know that their very best clients will demand more and act differently in the future. In a recent survey by the Sleeter Group, two-thirds of affluent clients left their CPA because they weren’t proactive enough. They were historians, meeting with their clients 1-2 times per year and telling them what they owed in taxes. The CPA who just does the tax and accounting work is obsolete…or soon will be. The CPA firms of tomorrow need to equip themselves with the capability to anticipate and solve more complex issues facing their affluent and business owner clients. But who has the time to do that?

YOU can be their answer. You don’t just provide solutions…you ARE the solution! By offering a Virtual Family Office platform, YOU represent the leverage they need to DO what they need. You allow the CPA to be MORE than just a CPA…they are now truly the most trusted advisor to their best clients, the only phone call the client EVER has to make to address ANY situation. What CPA wouldn’t want to have THAT conversation? A relationship with you can provide the leverage and the time that they are desperately seeking.

Anthony P. Lombardi has been providing that solution, has been that answer, to CPAs, empowering them and their most important clients since 2003. He has built the Virtual Family Office platform for the past 15 years to address and solve, proactively, every issue that affluent individuals and business owners face. There is never a situation where his CPAs have to say ‘no’ to anything their clients need. Anthony has been featured in Accounting Today, Accounting Web, ThinkAdvisor and Financial Advisor magazines. He has trained hundreds of advisors around the country in this model, and the benefits to the advisor are not just more revenue, but more TIME in their lives for what’s most important. The Empowered program lays it all out for you. We give you the training, the ongoing coaching, the educational events and the support you need to build a practice designed to serve your life. Other programs talk about working with CPAs…Anthony has actually DONE it for fifteen years!

Over the next 30 years, $30 trillion is expected to transfer from the CPAs current clients, to their heirs. Those heirs are not interested in doing business the way mom and dad did. They want to operate at the speed of business, on a virtual platform. There has never been an opportunity like this. You can literally BE the answer that forward-thinking CPAs are looking for, but don’t know exists. There is no question that the time is NOW. The only questions are, Are you Ready? Are you Serious? Is the future of your business and your life a big enough priority to make it one?

What You Will Get:

  • A one week, live retreat with Anthony P. Lombardi. At this retreat, he will show you EXACTLY how to build significant relationships with the RIGHT CPAs in your community.
  • A clear and relevant understanding of the CPA profession today…where they’ve been, where they’re going and most importantly, why!
  • A comprehensive understanding of the Virtual Family Office, and its importance today, its importance tomorrow, its role and your role as the facilitator.
  • Personal introductions to a team that you will call your own, a team you will become comfortable with. You will command this vast and vibrant team, made up of arguably this country’s brightest and most forward-thinking individuals in their given profession. Your team is fully capable and has the experience necessary to handle family offices and their largest and most affluent families’ situations.
  • The confidence and capability to have impactful conversations necessary to identify, meet with, qualify and engage with the right CPAs representing the right clients.
  • Introduction to your team’s strategist. This is where all your key work begins. He is, without question, one of the brightest minds in the business! This will be your strategist. He will help you and your CPAs uncover hidden opportunities to deliver massive value to the CPAs BEST clients.
  • Admission to The Advanced Tax Planning Institute (ATPI). This is the country’s premier, invitation-only educational event. You and the CPAs you are working with will attend this event twice per year in Carlsbad, CA. There is no other event for CPAs in the country like this. You and your CPAs will have an opportunity to receive relationship, leadership and communication training from Anthony P. Lombardi. You will meet your chief strategist and a number of other members of your team face-to-face. You will hear their stories, learn about their specific strategies, discuss case studies and have intimate conversations with the people that will be taking care of the CPAs BEST clients. Your CPA will also get 24 credits for attending!
  • Access to white glove underwriting (if needed), specifically tailored to the complexity and sophistication of the cases you will be working on…everything you need to push these more complex cases through from A-to-Z. They work for you.
  • Accountability coaching. You’ll have your own accountability coach who works with you, one on one every month for three months. They are unparalleled in their effectiveness, matched only by their commitment to your significance. They have been helping advisors changed their practices and their lives for years.
  • Relationship, leadership and communication training from one of the best mentors in the world today, Anthony P. Lombardi. Anthony will host monthly calls with you for three months.

Anthony P. Lombardi is the founder of the Lombardi Family Office, Perfect Client (which operates on the LFO chassis), and the ATPI. He has 20 years of experience working with powerful and prominent CPAs and their most affluent clients. He has been featured in numerous magazines:

This will all be yours!

Two questions!

  1. What are you waiting for?
  2. What will you do with it?

The answers will change your life!

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Program Details:

  • One week of live training with Anthony P. Lombardi in Southern California
  • Electronic workbook on Kindle
  • Three months of individual coaching calls with Anthony P. Lombardi and your Accountability Coach
  • Admission to the ATPI in Carlsbad
  • Access to the Lombardi Family Office Team
  • Investment of $12,500
  • Early bird discounted pricing available now.

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