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Become More Significant In the Eyes of Your Most Important Clients Learn how to use STRATEGIC LEVERAGE to deliver best-of-breed resource solutions to your most important clients! Deliver world-class, custom solutions
and best-of-breed resources
to your best clients
without third party referral risk
Listen to the ideas and strategies
of leading thought leaders
who support CPAs,
Tax Attorneys, and
Family Offices

The Advanced Tax Planning Institute is North America’s Premier Educational Symposium for Tax Professionals. The ATPI trains CPAs how to build their “Firms of the Future” by providing a better experience and becoming uniquely attractive to their ideal clients.

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Hear From 20 Industry Experts

Access some of this country’s most forward thinking professionals, who are leaders in their tax planning specialties across over 80,000 pages of the US Tax Code.


Earn Continuing Education Credits

Attendees earn 24 CE Credits that address timely ideas, strategies and concepts that will enable them to provide the very best answers to their most important clients.

Stay ahead of the competition.

This is an exclusive, invitation-only event.

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“As a two-year participant in the ATPI, I have found the level of expertise of the speakers, the multitude of topics covered and the relevance of each topic for my clients to be in the top 5% of CE classes I have ever attended.“ – Ray Gallagher, CPA Partner, Lavine, Lofgren, Morris & Engelberg, LLP

“I would suggest all CPAs go to this event. Everything you need is in that room. It’s going to revolutionize the way you use your resources, save you time, and give you more opportunities to add value to your clients.” – Bob Aleshire, CPA, Managing Tax Partner, Anton & Chia, LLP

“This ATPI is unlike any CE class I have attended in the past. The ATPI has broadened my knowledge of advanced tax planning and has set our firm apart from others that are not interested in offering their clients the best cutting-edge ideas in existence for their tax and financial needs.” – Linda Catalina, CPA

“The ATPI is a terrific opportunity to meet and get to know some the more knowledgeable professionals who specialize in tax planning, tax strategy and tax mitigation areas that we as CPAs might not have an opportunity to work with otherwise. It also provides an opportunity to learn about solutions that your client will be amazed that you are even aware of.” – Kirk Walwick, CPA Partner, Gatto, Pope, & Walwick, LLP